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Elena Balkan

Elena Balkan - a piece of heaven! There you will find a combination of magnificent nature, preserved Bulgarian traditions and customs and rich historical heritage. There is something for everyone's taste.

For the fans of hiking and mountain tourism there are numerous picturesque eco tracks and tourist routes that reveal the natural beauties of Stara planina mountain.

The marvelous ski tracks and infrastructure at Chumerna peak and the village of Miikovci offer wonderful opportunities for practicing winter sports. The admirers of fishing can practice the favorite hobby in Yovkovtsi dam.

In the town of Elena you will submerge into the romantic atmosphere of talented wood carvers and builders. In the numerous small hamlets in the region such as Miikovci, Hunevtsi, Balutsi, Yakovtsi you will get closer to Bulgarian traditions and customs in a typical folklore atmosphere. Elena region is a heaven for the fans of country and eco tourism.

In the monasteries of Plakovtsi, Kilifarevo, Kapinovski - keepers of Bulgarian spirit - you will get acquainted with the interesting history of the region.