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Rousse region comprises part of the central Danubean plain. Its rich cultural and historical heritage and marvelous natural sights offer great opportunities for development of cultural and eco tourism.

Situated on the right bank of Danube river, the town of Rousse - a district center is known as 'Little Vienna', because of its ancient architecture. It is an old Bulgarian town with traditions in culture, art and education and with developed industry and trade. There one you can enjoy marvelous museums, architectural and historical monuments, churches - invaluable part of Bulgarian cultural heritage.

A sight of great interest in the region is the natural park of Roussenski lom, divided into four zones. The zone for visitors situated on the territory of the villages of Pisanetz, Nisovo, Cherven, Svalenik, Ivanovo, Koshovo, and Shtraklevo and the vacation zone offer great opportunities for tourist routes, horse and bike riding.

In the historical zone are included the unique Ivanovo rock monasteries recorded on the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage and the archeological reserve of 'Medieval town Cherven', located on the rocky banks of Cherni Lom river. In the reserve zone the bio diversity of the region has been preserved.

The only active rock monastery in Bulgaria - 'St. Dimitar Basarbovski' is situated in the region, near the village of Basarbovo.

Near the town of Byala is located one of the masterpieces of Kolyo Ficheto (a well known Bulgarian master and builder). It is called Belenski most (Belenski bridge). In the town there are other interesting landmarks.

The park of 'Prista' and the forest park 'Lipnik' near the town of Rousse offer excellent conditions for recreation and relaxation close to nature. A visit in the cave of Orlova Chuka will reveal to you the miraculous underworld.

In the village of Ovcha mogila there are curative mineral springs. There you can combine recreation with spa treatment.

Danube rive also offers numerous opportunities for vacations, water sports, fishing and etc.