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region of Eastern Stara Planina mountain

The region of Eastern Stara planina offers opportunities for mountain, country and cultural tourism.

On its territory there are several tourist routes that reveal the beauties of that part of the mountain.

A sight of great interest in the region is the picturesque village of Asparuhovo, situated at the foot of Stara planina mountain, in the defile of Luda Kamchia river, at the bank of Tsonevo Dam. That marvelous place illustrates the unique Bulgarian culture and traditional cuisine and offers wonderful opportunities for recreation and unforgettable experiences.

For the fans of fishing Tsonevo dam offers great opportunities for practicing the favorite hobby. It is also an attractive place for relaxation and recreation close to nature.

In the northeastern part of Easter Stara planina region is situated the Madara horseman - unique rock relief under the auspices of UNESCO.