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Sliven Balkan

The region of Sliven Balkan is known for its rich cultural heritage, curative mineral springs, and beautiful nature.

The Natural park of Sinite kamani preserves the biological diversity of the region and offers marvelous opportunities for mountain tourism and hiking. All over its territory there are numerous tourist eco tracks that lead to magnificent peaks, unique natural phenomena such as the rock formations of Halkata (The Ring), Kuklite (The Dools), Eniova bulka (Eniov's Bride), the waterfalls of Sini vir and Futuala and crystal mountain brooks. In the Karandila resort, situated not far away from the town of Sliven you will have the opportunity to have a recreation of full value among the marvelous nature of Stara planina mountain.

In the town of Kotel, called the Stronghold of Bulgarian spirit, Cradle of the Bulgarian Renaissance, you can still feel the active spirit of Bulgarian enlighteners and get acquainted with the typical Bulgarian craft - weaving art. In the picturesque villages of Zheravna, proclaimed an architectural reserve, Neikovo, Medven and Gradets you will submerge into the atmosphere of the past time. They have preserved their National Revival aspect - narrow cobblestone streets, one- or two-storey wooden houses surrounded by high stone walls.

In the resort of Slivenski mineral baths you have the opportunity to combine balneo treatment with recreation among the marvelous mountain nature.