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Gabrovo Balkan

Gabrovo Balkan will enchant you forever. There you will find unique combination of incredible natural beauties and bio diversity, rich cultural heritage and hospitality of the local people.

In Gabrovo - the town of humor and satire you will roar with laughter. In the ethnographic museum in open air Etar, in the towns of Tryavna and Dryanovo, in the picturesque village of Bojentsi you will submerge into the romantic atmosphere of the Revival period, in the time of talented icon painters, wood carvers and builders. In Sopot (the birth town of the eminent Bulgarian writer Vazov), Karlovo (the home town of Vassil Levski) and Kalofer (the birth-town of Hristo Botev), along the narrow cobblestone streets you can feel the active spirit of the Bulgarian revolutionaries. The National Park-museum of Shipka and the Buzludja peak remind of the heroism of the Bulgarian volunteers that have sacrificed their lives for the Liberation of Bulgaria. The town of Kazanluk will enchant you with the aromatic scent of roses and the unique Kazanlak tomb, included in the UNESCO List of World cultural heritage.

To the fans of winter sports the place of Uzana offers excellent ski tracks and equipment, as well as cozy hotels and rest houses.

Nature has sculptured in the region incredible landscapes and sights such as the waterfalls of Raiskoto praskalo, Vidimskoto praskalo, Karlovskoto praskalo, Karlovski vodopad, and the rock formation Peeshtite skali (The singing rocks). The cave of Bacho Kiro introduces the miracles of the underworld. In Gabrovo Balkan is situated the reserve of South Djendem that preserves the bio diversity of the region.

For the lovers of hiking and mountaineering there, in the kingdom of high rocks, there are numerous picturesque tourist routes that lead to the peaks of Botev (2376m., the highest peak in Stara Planina) and Triglav (2276m.), to beautiful natural sights and cozy chalets.

For centuries the monasteries in the region such as Sokolski, Dryanovski, Shipchenski and others have kept the Bulgarian spirit and identity. Of great interest in the region is the fortress of Anevsko kale near the town of Sopot.