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Western Gorna Trakya

The region of Western Gorna Trakya plain is distinguished for its plain relief and greater population density. Due to the opulence of cultural and historical sights the region offers excellent opportunities for cultural tourism.

The major cultural and regional center is Plovdiv. The six hills, the old town of Plovdiv as well as the numerous museums, churches and architectural monuments bring specific colour and atmosphere to the town and shape up its unique view and nature.

It is worth seeing the Historical and Ethnographic museums in the town of Pazardjik. A sight of interest there is also the house-museum of Konstantin Velichkov - an eminent Bulgarian politician. Near the village of Unatsite, Pazardjik region, rises a prehistoric mound, known as 'The flat mound'.

Traces from the Thracian culture can be found all over the region.

The Western Gorna Trakya plain is rich in mineral springs. The well-known Bulgarian spa-resort of Kostenets is situated there. In the region of Kostenets there are preserved 36 burial mounds, 20 mound necropolises, remains of 11 antique settlements and settlements of the Bronze Age and the early and late Iron Age, 6 Roman settlements and 8 late medieval settlements.

An interesting cultural sights are Baktunski (12 km. southwest of Pazardjik) and Belocherkovski (25 km. southwest of Plovdiv) monasteries.