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Montana region includes the western part of the Danubean plain. The abundance of dams in the region such as Montana, Drenovets, Hristo Smirnenski, Kovachitsa, Shishmanov val, and Danube river offer marvelous opportunities for development of fishing, eco and hobby tourism.

There are situated the reserves of 'Gornata Koriya', 'Ibisha', and the protected areas of Kopren, Ravno buche, Kalimanitsa and Deyanitsa. If you follow the Kopren eco track you will enjoy ancient beech forests, waterfalls and water cascades, odd-shaped rocks, and glades with wood crane's bill.

Major towns in the region are Montana - a district center, Lom - an administrative center and a harbor on Danube river, Kozlodui, Byala Slatina and others.

A sight of great interest there is the Roman fortress of Kastra ad Montanesium, situated south of the town of Montana and the town's history museum. The latter exhibits interesting collections of tools, armor, jewelry and etc. from prehistoric times, Roman and Thracian cultures.

In the villages of Belotnitsa, Ohrid, Yakimovo and Mokresh there are remains of prehistoric settlements.