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Rila mountain

Welcome in the realm of magnificent covered with snow peaks, marvelous circuses of crystal glacial lakes, beautiful waterfalls and incredible landscapes!

Situated in the western part of Bulgaria, Rila mountain impresses with its majesty and beauty. There rises the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula - Musala peak (2925m.). The alpine relief of the mountain and the presence of steep alpine walls (Zlya zab, Orlovets and others, among which the Northern wall of Malyovitsa peak is the most difficult one) make the mountain preferable place for extreme sports - mountaineering and alpinism.

The region of Rila is notable for its incredible nature and natural diversity. On its territory are located the highest glacial lakes in the country - the most famous of which are the Seven Rila lakes. There is situated the Natural park Rila established with purpose the natural complexes and their variety of species, places of residences of rear and threatened species, remarkable landscapes and objects of the unlive nature, which have national importance for science and culture to be prevented. Within the park and the whole region there are numerous picturesque tourist routes and eco tracks that give many people the opportunity to enjoy to the beauty of the wild nature.

The fans of winter sports will not be disappointed. The well known resorts of Borovets and Malyovitsa, as well as the smaller ones, such as Semkovo and Jundola and others offer excellent ski tracks, ski infrastructure, cozy hotels and holiday houses. The whole Rila mountain is studded with tourist chalets and shelters.

The Natural park 'Rilski monastery' will not only bring you in the realm of wild nature, but also will make you feel the unique Bulgarian spirit. There is situated the most significant monument of Bulgarian culture - the architectural complex of Rila monastery.

The bigger towns in the region are Blagoevgrad, Sapareva banya, Samokov and the spa resort of Kostenets.